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How to maintain shoes of different materials?

In today’s competing world, fashion has become highly significant for every individual. Since fashion reflects a person’s sense of style, people tend to invest their considerable amount of time creating their perfect looks. Most of the time, this process proves greatly troublesome because your comfort gets challenged along the way. Fashion requires management and maintenance as well which is a demanding procedure. But less we need to fret over it since we offer the most convenient solution to your problems. Mochi Cordwainer is a promising brand that delivers leather shoes in Pakistan, with aim to provide fashion with optimum level of comfort. Though we deal in a wide variety of footwear we don’t compromise the reliability of our products. But still necessary care is always needed to maintain your footwear in their truest form. We provide you with their unique expert guide to maintain your shoe wardrobe. Let us consider them!

Type and quality matters

The first step is to recognize the material of your shoe because different type demands different management. The basic thing is to consider is the quality of the shoes that you are buying. You need to invest your plentiful time in observing the quality of the product you intend to buy. If you don’t compromise on the quality of leather, canvas, rubber or any kind of material of shoes you are buying, it will demand less maintenance.


Most of the men’s shoe wardrobe is made of leather and therefore it is a highly demanded material in footwear. To clean your leather shoes, it is recommended to use a dry piece of cloth first to dust away any impurities. Then use the necessary amount of water to remove deep stains. The step that is mostly ignored is the application of moisturizer on your leather shoes. This is immensely important since it makes them look refined and adds an extra shine to it.


The best time to deal with suede is when they are absolutely waterless. The process of maintaining suede based shoes is a bit intricate so different tools are available to make them last longer. In order to remove dark stains of the material, it is advised to use a suede eraser that manageably does the job. After you are over with the work of cleaning, you can also use a protecting spray like Kiwi Suede protector or Suede and Nubuck protector for further protection. If you follow this uniform behavior to care your shoes, they should last longer than usual.

Patent Leather

This form of leather is widely used in shoes and bag wears because of its unique appearance. The major drawback of this material is that filth and dust is strikingly observed. Therefore, it is necessary to use piece of cloth for cleaning more frequently. A precaution is to avoid using products with oil in them because they can leave prominent marks on the product.
After all the care is given, it is highly recommended to store your shoes in a healthy and clean environment. This will prevent them from unnecessary harm and wear and tear.


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