Tips to choose right shoes for an event

Shoes creates a style. They are considered as a defining piece which adds statement and function to fashion. We all know that style is defined by the outfit you wear, but shoes in it, plays one of the major roles. We walk on our feet every day, unless we stay at home all the time, still it is likely that we will wear some sort of shoes. For this purpose, the fashion designers throughout the world have responded efficiently with shoes for all kinds of occasions.  

Considering fashion statement in Pakistan, Mochi Cordwainers serve their shoe lovers with utmost dedication. Not only it provides men’s shoes but also remember women, who are shoe lovers. They have a wide range of variety of shoes, in different colors and categories to choose from. A lot more shoe brands are there online to surf for, but which shoe is perfect for an occasion, is all what is written here under.


Just like other shoes, formal shoes in Pakistan are bestselling, and for this purpose, shoe designers have provided us with Oxfords. In addition to giving comfort and protection to the feet, these shoes can serve best for a business meeting. Apart from that, they can also be used for a grand event indoors. They mainly come in two colors black and tan, and can also be worn under a pair of jeans.

Double Monkstrap

Going for a wedding and don’t know what to wear? , No issue at all. The Double Monkstrap formal shoes would be best for an event like a wedding. Our Double Monks serve as the finest formal shoes in Pakistan. Like others, they are also available in a range of sizes, and even more colors, like Cognac. It’s made up of goat leather, and beautiful decorative buckles on top, perfect for a wedding event.

Tassle Loafers

Another in the line are Tassle Loafers. They are a combination of beautiful texture on the surface of cow stamped leather along with EVA foam insole to provide extra comfort, perfect for every tiring office day. Colors blue, black and brown are the most worn shoe colors and these are available at our online store. So no worry for a hectic day at office when you have that amount of comfort around your feet.

Ankle Boots

An event going on outdoors is quite hard on your shoes, especially when the ground is full of grass and also in cold winter months. Shoe designers take full responsibility for such situations by providing Ankle boots. Not only have they come under the category of formal wear, but can save you from such circumstances as well.

Tudors Slipon

Another best selling shoes at our online shoes shop are Tudors Slipon. They have a soft surface with a comforting insole ideal for covering weddings, regular office days, and all indoors events. As compared to other formal wears, they come in a fairly low price. Also, available mostly in black color which makes sure that it works with every outfit you wear.

Mochi cordwainer’s objective is to ensure that whatever they make is full of comfort, and considering its price, is long lasting. Meeting their customers with extreme devotion, they deliver worldwide within days. Choosing a shoe for an event holds great significance in a world of fashion.


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